Emergency Technical Consultation



Get an expert consult right away (within 24 hours) for a deliverable-based engagement that will bring our best guidance to your operation at the right time. You pass on the details, we select the right field expert from our team and provide our best contribution, whether it be web application code, a unique food product formulation, a regulatory compliance form, troubleshooting bench work or help with some calculations. This emergency service brings experts into your team for quick relief in that desperate moment in the lab or on the laptop anytime.



A technical rescue service that will dive into your business need to find the most viable solution or provide the best high-value guidance. This advanced emergency support is serviced by select experts only, Savvyneers with a PhD or Master’s degree and at least 5 yrs. of relevant scientific or technical experience. Guaranteed custom answer delivered securely and electronically or your money back. Fully confidential and client-owned.

One hour of high level work minimum, with a free one-hour discovery phone call. A written report is generated for each project that includes outcomes or deliverables from the consult. Available 24 hours, 7 days internationally.