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Are you overwhelmed and stuck?

If you’re unskilled or understaffed and need a consult now, a Savvyneer has the answer for you! We know that hiring a consultant for science and technology projects can be expensive and risky. Now you can skip the firm and let us take care your biggest concern, so you can move on with the rest. You can do it! We can help.
  • Short-term online engagements with field experts
  • Single document review for peace of mind
  • Get quick answers for your technical or regulatory questions
  • Our Savvyneers have a graduate degree and 5+ years of professional experience in the US.

Get savvy for less!

I cannot begin to explain how valuable my consultant was to my company. Simply put, without her assistance, we would not have been able to satisfy the regulatory requirements of the USDA, resulting in a plant shutdown and loss of jobs for 150 employees supporting their families.

– Anthony M. , Business Owner

5 Reasons Why Savvyneer is Your Best Bet

  1. Our deliverable driven model saves you money: pay only for what you need.
  2. Minimal commitment: no strings attached, no contracts
  3. Low risk: no need to get stuck with a consultant who’s not working out
  4. Get help from the best! Our experts are vetted and selected just for you.
  5. Not sure what you need? Send us your mess. We know how to sort it out.

The best part about our services is how soon we get to make our customers happy once they get the quick answers they need.

– Gretchen, B. , Savvyneer

Ready? Get Help.

Contact us for custom consulting services or go to the Get Savvy page to simply purchase a guaranteed answer to your science and tech related question and/or document review needs. Get Savvy!

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